Padres Season!

Experience Miracles with Chiropractic Care that Believes in YOUR Healing

Papas, You Deserve Good Health

This June, we honor the papas who deserve the joy of optimal health with Future Generations Clinic of Chiropractic.

Our June special is more than just an offer; it's a commitment to the well-being of you and your loved ones.

  • Initial Screenings and X-Rays

  • Report of Findings

  • Initial Adjustment

  • Pack of Assorted LMNT

  • Self Health Assessment

  • Bonus Masterclass

$1,070 Value for just $77!

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June New Patient Offer

  • Functional Chiropractic Exam/Insight Scans

    Objective measurements of the brain/body connection and nervous system self regulation/dysregulation.

  • Full Spine X-Rays

    Informs us about neurostructural integrity and hygiene of the only spine you get for life (age appropriate).

  • Report of Findings

    1-on-1 report from our doctors that provides a clear picture of where your nervous system has been and a customized plan that inspires optimal healing.

  • Your First Adjustment

    A gentle and specific chiropractic adjustment beginning the process of root cause healing of the nervous system. Many of our patients tell us it's the BEST adjustment they've ever had. 

  • Bonus Items

    • Access to our one of a kind holistic health self assessment

    • Bonus Masterclass: Unlocking Your Child’s Potential

    • 1 LMNT variety pack

Actual Cost of this Package

  • Functional Chiropractic Scans/Insight Scans - $165

  • Full Spine X-rays - $260

  • Report of Findings - $115

  • Your First Adjustment - $80

  • Bonus Masterclass - $315

  • LMNT Variety Pack - $20

  • Self Health Assessment - $115

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